Our Services

SoLemMi Sdn Bhd has a facebook application called SoLemMi on Facebook, an online portal called www.SoLemMi.com and two mobile application called a) SoLemMi Selfie; b) SoLemMi Interactive Print (IP).

  • Facebook Application : SoLemMi on Facebook is to convert the photos and videos from facebook album to virtual tours and export to the SoLemMi.com.
  • Online Portal : www.SoLemMi.com is market place to sell and buy virtual tours. Virtual tours comprise of conventional photos, conventional videos and photos with augmented reality (AR). Photos with augmented reality means photos with a SoLemMi logo on it. We also called those photos with a SoLemMi logo on it as Interactive Print (IP). You just need to snap on a photo with a SoLemMi logo using SoLemMi Interactive Print (IP) mobile application, you will see a video about the photo pop-up and it will be played.
  • Mobile application 1 : SoLemMi Interactive Print (IP) is to let users to snap on photos with SoLemMi photos (Interactive Print) from magazines or www.SoLemMi.com, videos about the detail of the photos will be popping-up and being played.
  • Mobile Application 2 : SoLemMi Selfie is to let users to take a selfie photo in a plain background, later, users choose a virtual place/ travel spot from the application such as Giza Pyramid. Soon, the users' selfie photo will be superimposed on Giza Pyramid. Users select to save the processed photo, choose to print using SoLemMi Printing Service or post it to Facebook album.
  • Virtual Tourists : Virtual Tourists are all internet users who wish to see the world through travel photos and travel videos available in SoLemMi.com. To see photos and videos, Login or Register Here.
  • Virtual Tour Operators : Virtual Tour Operators are those internet users who upload and sell/ share travel photos and travel videos in SoLemMi.com. To upload and share/ sell travel videos, Login or Register Here. See Our Terms and Conditions.
  • Interactive Print (IP) Merchant : Interactive Print (IP) Merchants are those who wish to promote a product, a place or a people through the next generation advertising and promotion platform using Interactive Print (IP).  IP is a photo with a SoLemMi logo on Magazine pages. When a mobile user snap a picture of an IP on a magazine page using a SoLemMi Interactive Print (IP) Mobile Application, a video related to the IP will be played on the mobile phone. To promote your product, Login or Register Here.