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SoLemMi.com is a web and mobile application to help people to see the world from different perspective economically through travel photos and travel videos in an online virtual tour with augmented reality (AR) platform which enables them to superimpose selfie photos on travel places/ spots as background and with a choice to convert a combination of a photo and a video to Interactive Print (IP), so that people can experience the next generation of advertising and promotion platform via SoLemMi Interactive Print (IP) Mobile Application.

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Most Popular

  • New York, United States of

    The freedom of speech.

  • Empire State Building, New

    It stood as the world's tallest building for

  • Brooklyn Bridge, New York

    It connects prosperous and happiness.

  • Manhattan, New York

    Beautiful High Rise Buildings and Organised Urban.

  • Marina Del Ray (CA)

    World's Largest Man-Made Small Craft Harbor


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